At Digital Memories Link, we provide quality digital preservation services for all types of images and documents.

Why digital?

Preserving originals is important because it is difficult to get an exact duplicate of anything and often the feel of the original media can be an important aspect in addition to the content. With proper care, original photos, negatives, documents, etc. can be preserved for many years. However, all media deteriorate over time, some much faster than others. This is important to keep in mind when archiving your important items, this is where having a digital copy makes sense.

With a digital copy, you preserve the visual and audible content in a way that takes little space, and can be easily shared with patrons and online. In addition, as technology develops, new ways of storing data become available, and an exact digital copy can be made to the new media. This is not possible with analog formats, because there is an inherent amount of degradation with each copy.

Special Items & Large Collections

At Digital Memories LinK, we understand the difficulties that can exist in operating libraries and museums. This is why we offer, pay as you go services that do not require a contract. If you have images or documents that require special handling, we are experienced in working with delicate and unconventional items. Please contact us to for more information or to get a quote.